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We began to use Model 0932 tungsten carbide tamping tools supplied by Harbin Guiyou Technology Development Co.,Ltd. since 2011 and fixed them on Model 0832, 0832C, 0932(DCL-32), and Model DWL-48 tamping machines. During the four years of site maintenance work on Hunan-Guangxi line, Lizi-Zhanjiang line, Hemao line, yizhan line, Nanning-kuming line, Jiaozuo-Liuzhou line, Guizhou-Guangxi line, Southern Liuzhou passenger line, Hengliu and Guizhou-Guangdong high speed rail line, under normal ballast condition and correct tamping machine operations, the service life of each set of tamping tools could reach more than 400kms. The application of the tungsten carbide tamping tools manufactured by  Harbin Guiyou Technology Development Co.,Ltd. has greatly reduced the labor work for the operators to change tools so that the work quality and efficiency has been greatly improved.


                          Liuzhou Engineering Machinery Division of Nanning Railway Bureau

                                                     Sept. 23rd , 2015