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Tungsten carbide wear plates

2019-09-02 13:41



This series has covered all the wear plates used on model QS-1200II and QS-650 ballast cleaning machines and settled the short wear life issue of the common wear plates. The lifting guide channel wear plate is the support plate for the operation part of ballast excavating chain fixed on ballast cleaning machine, and is also the part with fastest wear. To settle this issued, the entire contact surface of the wear plate is brazed with tungsten carbide, and the problem of massive deformation during tungsten carbide brazing is also settled with our independently developed ultra-strong tungsten carbide wear plate series. The tungsten carbide wear plates feature the following characteristics:

1. Adopting nanometer tungsten carbide as wear-resistant material that features both wear and impact resistance.

2. Slow wear to effectively protect the guide channel baseplate.

3. 15 times longer service life than common wear plates.