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What is Welded Rail Deburring Device?

2019-08-15 08:45


In recent years, With the rapid development of railway high speed and heavy load,the track structure is also gradually replaced by a continuously welded rail by ordinary railway.

Compared with ordinary lines, the continuously welded rail eliminates a large number of rail joints, so it has the advantages of stable driving, low track maintenance cost and long service life.It has become the main method for the construction of high-speed railway lines.


Continuously welded rails are an important new technology for railway tracks, which are used to weld ordinary rails into long lengths.A line that is welded and laid with long rails of a certain length is called continuously welded rail.Long rail welding is an important part of laying continuously welded rail.

At present, the welding method of seamless line rail joints mainly includes rail flash welding .The principle is to use the current to generate heat through the rail contact surface to melt the partial end face of the rail, and then perform the welding by upsetting.Since the welding heat source of the rail flash welding is an internal heat source from the workpiece, the heat is concentrated and the heating time is short.

The welding process does not require metal filling, the metallurgical process is relatively simple, the heat affected zone is small, and a good quality welded joint is easily obtained.Pushing the rail beads refers to the cutting of the steel rail after the upset forging, and the horizontal movement of the welded rail deburring to the convex part of the high-temperature welded joint is an indispensable link in the welding process.

Deburring can reduce the workload of the subsequent grinding of the welded joint, so that the surface of the welded joint is beautifully formed, and its quality directly affects the welding quality of the rail.Because the welder needs to be replaced after a period of use,the welded rail deburring is one of the most vulnerable parts.

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The rail beads-breaking method is roughly divided into three categories:

1、Make the spade a few sections of different heights,the high edge is first contacted with the welding beads to remove it.The lower blade then cuts the welding beads, thus dividing the entire one into several segments;

2、Adding an auxiliary device to the welded rail deburring,When it is deburring, the welding beads is removed by a deburring device.The rest is removed with rail beads-breaking.

3、At the time of design, the welded rail deburring leaves a small gap at the bottom.When deburring, a small number of welding beads remain at the bottom of the rail and are not removed.When the rail is put into use, the bottom of the rail does not need to be polished.Therefore, this small segment of the welding beads left does not affect the use effect.