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What You Should Know about Tamping?

2019-06-20 08:44


The tamping tools is the core equipment of the railway tamping, and the tamping operation of the ballast is completed by the vibration device of the tamping machine to generate high-frequency vibration of the raft.With the rapid development of the railway industry, large-scale road maintenance machinery has become the mainstream of development.

The tamping vehicle that completes the tamping operation plays an important role in the large-scale road maintenance machinery.

Different types of tamping vehicles are used in railway maintenance. Therefore, the innovative design of the tamping tools is very important.


Railway ballast tamping machines is suitable for the construction of new lines of railway,including large and medium ballast cleaning operations and maintenance operations, which will improve the compactness of the ballast bed, increase the stability of the track, eliminate the direction deviation of the track,such as horizontal deviation of the left and right and the high and low deviations before and after, so that the track line meets the requirements of line design standards and railway maintenance rules to ensure the train safety.

The tamping device is the core component of the continuous tamping car. It is a special mechanical device that uses the principle of pressure, shock or vibration to rearrange, tighten and strengthen the ballast at the bottom of the sleeper,which will balance the support of the rail bed.


The tamping devices are respectively located above the two rails, and each set of tamping devices is equipped with tamping tools, which are arranged symmetrically with respect to the rails.

When the tamping device is not working, the entire device is suspended above the rail, and the tamping tools are completely separated from the ballast;During the operation, the operator positions the tamping tools between the adjacent railway sleepers, and the tamping device descends to insert the tamping tools into the ballast, and at the same time, the ballast is pushed toward the bottom of the sleeper.Under the combined action of the grip and vibration of the tamping tools’ palm, the ballast flows to the bottom of the sleeper.

The tightness of the ballast of the sleeper is improved, and it cooperates with the starting and aligning device to eliminate the unevenness of the track and enhance the stability of the track.

Tamping tool spade is a component that acts directly on the tamping road. When tamping, the raft is inserted into the track bed to a specified depth to transmit vibration and clamping forces to the ballast.It consists of three parts: the handle, the body and the spade.According to the shape of the body, it can be divided into two types: curved and straight, with a curved tamping tool on the inner tamper arm and a straight tamping tool on the outer tamping arm.


When working for 60h, check the wear of the tamping tools palm (more than 20% of the size of the palm) and the crack of the ankle arm, and change it in time.