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Railway Tamping - An Important Guarantee for Railway Quality

2018-10-08 14:21


The railway not only stimulates the national economic development, but also is a popular mode of travel. It plays a vital role in the modern transportation system and is the mainstay of the transportation industry.In order to cope with the economic activities, the railway system should be expanded to make the structure more perfect, the quality is greatly improved, the transportation capacity is rapidly expanded, and the equipment level is rapidly improved.Transport capacity is compatible with national economic and social development.In recent years, in addition to the increase in railway operating mileage, the railway has completed large speed increase again and again, the increase of railway mileage and the increase of running speed will inevitably require higher quality of railway lines.


As the main component of the railway, the track and the ballast are constantly under the dynamic load of various types of locomotives, and they are exposed to the natural environment for many years, and they are also subjected to the effects of wind, frost and rain.As a result, the track geometry and the installation dimensions are deviated, the roadbed,the track bed and ballast are deformed, and the rail surface is gradually worn.As the line technology status continues to deviate from the relevant standards, the operational safety of the train will be seriously affected.Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of railway lines so that the railway facilities are in good condition for a long time.

Years of practice have proved that large-scale road maintenance machinery plays an irreplaceable role in railway maintenance and is an indispensable modern railway equipment.It can ensure the quality of the line, improve the energy efficiency of the existing line, and ensure heavy-duty, high-speed and high-density railway transportation operations.


The tamping vehicle is a large-scale mechanized equipment for the maintenance of the railway trunk line. It is used in the construction of new lines of railway lines, overhaul cleaning of old lines and maintenance of operation lines.Tracking, hoisting, and road tamping operations on the track, so that the railway line meets design standards or related requirements.

After the tamping operation, the ballast has high compactness and enhanced line stability, which ensures the safe operation of the locomotive.Therefore, it is necessary to study the reliability of the tamping device and propose a comprehensive maintenance strategy for the tamping device.


This can improve the utilization rate of the tamping vehicle, reduce the probability of failure of the tamping device during the work process, ensure the reliability of the tamping device, prolong its service life, and improve the utilization efficiency of the busy line maintenance operation time and It is extremely important to improve the operation of railway line maintenance and ensure the safe operation of trains.

With the continuous improvement of the degree of mechanization of railway maintenance and repair, heavy railways mainly use large road maintenance machinery to carry out comprehensive maintenance operations based on tamping.

The workload and maintenance cost of railway tamping operations have gradually increased with annual traffic volume.