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0932 A/B railway tamping tool

2019-09-04 09:39



Model 0932 tamping tools are the wear parts fixed on railway ballast tamping machines. Tungsten carbide wear-resistant tamping tools manufactured by Harbin Guiyou Technology Development Co., Ltd. feature the following characteristics:

1. Reasonable shape design which achieves better tamping effect and reduces stone blockage between tamping tools by reducing the insertion resistanc

2. Taking tungsten carbide materials with excellent wear and impact resistance as abrasion layer and increasing the thickness of wear-resistant layer, which improves the service life of products.

3. Adopting advanced brazing technique to ensure firm joint between base material and tungsten carbide, which settles the issues of chipping and rupture.

4. The ring protrusion on the shank coupling with our independently developed tamping tool removal device to facilitate easy removal of tamping tools.